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We're all on a journey of

While never easy in the moment, when we chose to embrace uncomfortable we open ourselves to living in line with our core values and true purpose. Life becomes authentic as we draw closer to what is most important to us.

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Start with the book

Explore the concepts that empower your movement towards embracing uncomfortable.

Embrace Uncomfortable in Community

Diversity Students

Change is more sustainable when it happens in community. Share experiences, gain insight from diverse perspectives, and develop accountability through our various EC stories. You'll hear powerful testimonies of transformation designed to validate and inspire your own unique journey.


Our workshops are designed to help you implement the strategies of embracing uncomfortable within your unique context and system. Workshops are offered in both live and virtual formats and are tailored to uniquely address personal, relational, leadership, or organizational transformation.

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Creative & Resourceful

Embracing Uncomfortable breaks down the barriers that keep us locked in unhealthy patterns of behavior. This book will motivate you to take the necessary steps towards life transformation. 

Lisa Snyder


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Flexible and Committed

Embracing Uncomfortable equips us with realistic solutions to push beyond our fears and move us into our purpose zones. 

Kim Anthony

Unfavorable Odds Podcast

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Organized and Efficient

The embracing uncomfortable workshop modules allowed me to engage with new ways of thinking and redefining my life's core values.

Deb Knupp

Executive Trainer/Leadership Coach

What you have to say about being a part of the Embracing Uncomfortable community.

I'm Deb Gorton

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